Wolf-like Instincts?

I think I was possibly a wolf in a past life. Now, I know that sounds strange, but really. I have a tendency to imprint on certain people. And when I find those people, boy am I the most loyal person that they’ll ever have in their life. My feelings for them range from protection, […]

Words I’d Like To Live By

More than anything in this world, I would love to live by the words “be happy”, a thought that I’m sure that I share with every other human being on the planet. The only thing is, I genuinely have no idea what makes me happy. I’ve thought about it a million times. “What is something […]

Again… Really?

I haven’t thought about you for a while now. You used to be my every thought. Every one a little less painful than the next. I started replacing my thoughts of you with thoughts of self love and acceptance. I vowed to beat my eating disorder. I vowed to beat my OCD. I vowed to […]

Beauty Rules The World

I’ve become a slave. A slave to society. A slave to gender roles. A slave to perfectionism. Physical appearance dominates society. Beauty is power. Beauty is happiness. Beauty is love. And if you don’t have it… Well you’re just screwed. Who do you go talk to at the bar? Offer to buy her drinks and […]